Our Team

2015 Team

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2014 Team

Assad Habib - Chair

assad.png Assad is a fourth-year student in the Science and Business program. He is driven to make positive changes in the world. He believes in working on changing oneself from the inside-out as part of his effort to achieve this goal. His vision for TEDxUW 2014 is to bring bright minds in contact with one another, so they may reflect on their lives, decisions, actions, and spark new ideas. These ideas will inspire dreams that can be achieved by working collaboratively with our peers both at home and abroad.

Anik Somani - VP

anik.png Anik is a fourth-year Honours Science and Business student completing his last term in the program. An eager problem solver, Anik looks forward to working alongside an extremely talented team of directors to execute one of the biggest projects of his life. TEDxUW is more than just a conference or an event – it’s an experience. From the numerous meetings and discussions that go into putting the experience together, to the ideas sparked by our speakers, TEDxUW places the University of Waterloo on the global stage to present ideas that simply cannot be conjured anywhere else in the world. It is Anik’s hope that anyone involved in the experience will leave with something that they can apply to their daily lives - and only after this realization will Anik feel his job completed.

Gabby Hebert - Speaker Relations Director

gabby.png Gabrielle is a fourth year Science and Business student. She was the previous Co-Chair of the Fusion Science and Business Conference. She is passionate about igniting conversations and sharing stories. Gabrielle can't wait to bring you an exciting lineup of inspirational speakers and performers for this year's TEDxUW 2014 event.

Alice Wei - Attendee Relations Director

alice.png Alice is currently in her last term in the Science and Business Program at the University of Waterloo. Having previously volunteered as the co-lead of the Science and Business Ambassadors, Alice enjoys planning events for students and alumni to connect and network together. With a passion for helping others, Alice is excited to provide the TEDxUW attendees this year with an unforgettable experience!

Ian Roberts - Marketing Director

ian.png Ian is a fourth year student in his final term of the Science and Business program. He loves any opportunity to be creative and work with like-minded, innovative people to compose a finished product that will bring enjoyment to others. He is very excited to execute some engaging marketing campaigns to help make this year’s TEDxUW the biggest and best one yet!

Kartik Talwar - Production Director

kartik.png Kartik is a third-year student at University of Waterloo, studying Physics and Mathematics. He joins the TEDxUW team as the Production Director, contributing to the execution of the event with respect to staging and videography. Having helped organize educational and tech-related events across campus and North America, he sees TEDxUW as another excellent opportunity to be in a rich, enthusiastic environment, and to work with unique, talented people. He is passionate about understanding the infrastructure of how things come together, and, to this end, watches a TED talk everyday.

Rahul Bhambhani - Finance Director

rahul.png Rahul is a fourth year student at the University of Waterloo in the Accounting and Financial Management program. As a finance director at TEDxUW, he is responsible for the organization's budget, and for supporting the team's sponsorship outreach efforts. He also believes that TEDxUW is the perfect platform to spread innovative and creative ideas across the community.

D'Arcy Delamere, Lecturer - School of Accounting and Finance, University of Waterloo

darcy.png D’Arcy is a full time Lecturer in the University of Waterloo’s School of Accounting and Finance, specializing in International Business, Organizational Behaviour and Strategy. Prior to joining UW, he taught in the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. D’Arcy is President of DRDelco, a management-consulting firm involved in governance, strategic planning and implementation. He currently serves on the Boards of Grand River Hospital, Festival Hydro and Independent Broker Resources Inc.

Prior to becoming a teacher, D’Arcy had extensive business experience, including approximately 20 years in executive roles with Royal Bank of Canada, The Mutual Group/Clarica and the Cumis Group.